Inside the Studio…Reflections from Choreographer Judith Sanchez Ruiz

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Today was my first day at the Ballet Hispanico Choreographic Institute. I started the rehearsal improvising because it was the way I found to show how I approached movement and express my art. And then I requested a catch-up with what I did, physically or emotionally, getting something from there to elaborate on your own, with total freedom. It was very intriguing to find the dancers accepting the challenge. It was intense and beautiful. Some of them seemed hungry for a new ways of finding themselves in their own movement……”Naked By the Window” is not precisely a lyrical piece. I don’t find anything lyrical in the reality that I am a part of and in the issues that surround my life. This piece is quite specific, and probably the most Cuban-related work I have ever done. As a contemporary choreographer /artist, my work reflects the day in which we are living, with our intrinsic consuming expectations and desires. I create to confront a dialoge. So I look for ways to find this power in movement.

I started to investigate Ana Mendieta’s work and life after I left the Trisha Brown Dance Company in 2009. I was interested first because she was a Peter Pan, a dark part of the Cuban history that was forbidden for new generations. I was very intrigued by her life as an artist in the United States. I identified with her. Her work is very inspiring. I was impressed by the ephemeral nature of her art. Her commitment, and her relationship with the land.

The dancers were very strong today. I finished the rehearsal! Very exciting…Waiting for tomorrow.


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