Inside the Studio…Reflections from filmmaker Gerrit Vooren

I’m so pleased with both Danny and Ben.

They are both working very hard, sometimes through the night, to get their edits done. Already 5 edits have been put online, and today or tomorrow a 6th video will be posted.

So much has been happening in rehearsal, and so much was said during the panel meeting from last week. It’s not so easy to get the core message in a video, and not get side tracked by distracting details. And since these are video’s that document artistic process, meaning things change and adjust all the time, it’s not so easy to “find” the story. But by interviewing the choreographers and dancers stories are emerging, and it’s a joy to watch.

I’ve encourage both filmmakers to be creative and take risks shooting the material. Since in dance rehearsals, sequences get repeated all the time, one can take risks, because it’ll be done multiple times.
This results in much more interesting footage, and options to edit.

Working with these talented filmmakers has been a pleasure!

Gerrit Vooren

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