Inside the Studio….Reflections from filmmaker Gerrit Vooren

I first started working with Ballet Hispanico last year and videotaped and edited their season at the Joyce Theatre.

I then suggested to shoot some footage onstage, and Eduardo Vilaro, the new artistic director, jumped right on it. Which resulted into a great promo:

When I suggested in the Spring to have 2 students video tape and edit the process of creating the 2 choreographies, and make this part of the Instituto Coreographico, Eduardo got it right away.

We selected 2 young filmmakers for this first round. Fair is fair, both Benjamin Halstead and Danny Mendoza are hardly beginners. They both graduated from NYU in the last couple of years and already have a very good sense of framing and story telling.

The first couple of days we had some malfunctioning equipment, and some challenges figuring out a good workflow. Working in HD can be challenging as the files are huge.

What’s awesome is that both Ben and Danny kept their cool, figured things out, and now we’re moving right along.

It’s clear that both are connecting with the choreographers, I can see that both Judith and Maray are starting to relax in their interviews, and are speaking freely.

The first video’s will be presented later today. I already saw some great footage and am looking forward to seeing their first edits!

Gerrit Vooren

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