Thoughts on the Instituto Process from Eduardo Vilaro

Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro shared a few notes he jotted down from watching today’s work in the studios:

The Instituto Coreografico provides all artists involved the ability to pause, to think and reorganize the mind muscle connection and in turn opens up a world of possibilities. Where body and thought process are cooperative and collaborative instead of distinct or in competition with each other.

The “space” expands for the body to think as progressively as the mind and authentically reacts to concept and idea. The dancers begin to stand differently…

Necks aligned but not poised…and minds released from the mirror and expectations.

There is freshness about discovery in each artist. They become less governed by ego and steadily lured by possibility.

Have you had the same experience where the mind finally lets go and the body is free to to move however it wants? How do you make yourself “pause”?

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