Instituto: Thoughts from Eduardo Vilaro & New Video!

The Instituto Coreográfico continues to foster new voices wanting to explore the diversity of culture in Latin America. This could involve an exploration of a musical tradition to a deconstruction of a cultural icon. For our last installment of the Instituto choreographer, Nicholas Villeneuve, is working with the music of Astor Piazzolla. His oeuvre revolutionized the traditional tango into a new style termed Nuevo Tango, incorporating elements from jazz and classical music, and is another reflection of cultural fusion in our diverse Latino cultures.

At first viewing, Nicholas’ movement vocabulary for the work is also experimenting with fusion. In the sections I watched, there was a clear use of classical lines peppered with whimsical and at times, affectionate references to Tango and Caribbean movements all naturally bonded with an undertow of weighted modern dance. His attention to the music is refreshing, and leads us through the sections seamlessly. There is a strong sense of ensemble in the work and the partnering is light yet challenging. I am looking forward to this week’s surprises in his process.

Filmmaker Benjamin Halstead, along with guidance from Gerrit Vooren, delivered a beautiful video from the first week. Enjoy!


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