Instituto: Final thoughts from the choreographer

Week 2 has drawn to an end and I have continuously experienced joy. This journey has been one of exploration, personal development/ reflection and lots of laughter. I feel that this definitely was the perfect place for me to spread my wings and give breath to a new baby. The dancers have committed to this work and I have been treated with greatest respect.

Having been very intrigued as to how the public would view and dissect the work, I am relieved that the universal theme of “Love” is clear and with a few changes that have been sparked by the feedback of the panel discussion, and that of private exchange, it can only be more cohesive and even more transparent. The music has definitely lent itself to great expression and has driven me to create each day (and night). I couldn’t have chosen better myself! Those sleepless night of phrases popping into my head and asking my roommate at midnight to get her leg up are all OVER.

Finally, this journey would not have been possible without the support and confidence my Director Eduardo Vilaro placed in me. It’s funny, but when you feel someone rooting you on even if it’s not in words but in spirit, the boundaries become infinite and the gates to endless possibles are unlocked. Thank You, Maestro.
I am thrilled to see the premiere at TriBeCa and am very pleased with how this has turned out.

Onwards and upwards we go!!!

“… if it were yesterday, the love, the seasons and the changes. We continue to celebrate!”

Yo recuerdo

Nicholas presents his work with the Orchestra of St. Luke’s March 29—April 1 at Tribeca Performing Arts Center. Performances at 10:15AM and 11:45AM. Tickets can be purchased at

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