Eduardo reports from Guatemala…

Day 1 continued…

After our television spot,  it was on to a radio station in the suburb of Bella Vista where I was introduced to Lenin, the talk show host of a station dedicated to Latin music and Jazz. The conversation inevitably led to music, and for Lenin, the exciting range of music we utilize at Ballet Hispanico. For some reason, the whole performance had been titled A Batucada Fantastica. Explaining that ballet would be only one ballet of the three pieces we would perform was challenging, but led to a good laugh.

Our return drive to Antigua from Guatemala was reminiscent of peak hour on the Long Island Expressway, except full of darting motorcycles, chicken trucks and lots of exhaust. Oh wait, that still sounds like the L.I.E! We just made it back in time for the dancers in our bus to prepare and be transported to the theater.  An hour and a half later they were back in the hotel due to rain, which is something that never happens this time of year in this climate, but it seems we were experiencing what Antiguans call “Freaky February.” So no tech rehearsal which will make everything on show day very interesting.

Day 2

Another beautiful morning in Antigua. I was so excited to see the performance space which was a raised platform nestled in front of a 17th-century cathedral facade. (Check out our pictures on our Facebook page) All this surrounded by a mountain range, three volcanoes, and cobblestones! Besides it being a perfect photo opportunity, I was looking forward to making this space work for the repertory.

So after a walk around the artisan market, we were on our way to class and tech rehearsal on that amazing stage on the mountainside. But mother nature had other plans for us! As soon as the dancers arrived at the site, the rain began. And. Didn’t. Stop. This was strange as every guidebook, local and weather forecaster let us know that it did not rain this time of year!
The dancers returned to the hotel and new tech rehearsal plans were developed for our hopeful next day’s performance. Our hotel is about half a mile from the town center and walking through the day-to-day life in Antigua was truly a gift. It reminded us that there is another pace in the world. One that is not so instant and that allows you to stop and feel the day or the moment. I hope we can take some of this back….

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