Meet a Ballet Hispanico Intern!

My name is Johnny Cruz and I am a 12th grader at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School and I have been working with Ballet Hispanico for the past few weeks learning about marketing and learning the foundation to a well-organized business. There are many things that I am learning at Ballet Hispanico that will help me in the future. One of the things that I learned was how to prioritize donors and get them involved in events in order to sponsor or support the company. I also learned how to file important documents that will allow me to see and keep track of donors and how the organization has grown. Something else that I think is the most important that I learned was how to use Twitter and Facebook to make my company grow and how to make the company more heard in different places by using Twitter and Facebook. I was given this opportunity by being selected in a program called Career Development Program for the Center for Arts Education. This program is designed for public high school students to have the opportunity to work in organizations or businesses that are related to their artistic interest. It is important for me to get experience in working in a professional environment because I wanted to get a head start on how the world is. It is also important for me to get this experience to see if this is the kind of work I want to pursue when I am older. This is why I interviewed for Ballet Hispanico to learn about marketing because, that is my artistic interest.

When I get to college I want to study business and Psychology but after I finish college, I want to own a Psychology clinic for parents and individuals who need someone to set them on the right paths in their everyday life. I am interested in opening a clinic because I want to help the people in my community. I want to open a clinic in the Bronx because I feel that people need someone to talk to so that they can express themselves, in order for them to move on and make themselves better. The problem with a lot of people in the Bronx is that they do not have anyone to guide them on the right path. But opening my clinic it will not only guide them to the right path, but also letting their feelings and voice not fall on deaf ears. This clinic would be a nonprofit organization because I feel everyone should have the opportunity to go into my clinic without any worry on how to pay for it.  The clinic is going to have programs that will help the community such as counseling, reach out to troubled youth, and  summer youth employment. The reason why I want to open my own clinic is because when I was younger my family had a counselor that helped us as a family. Counseling helped my sister and I go on with our lives and go after our dreams. I believe everyone is entitled to that opportunity.


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