yo recuerdo…after Instituto

Nicholas Villeneuve’s yo recuerdo is currently in performance over at @tribecapac this week for NYC students. Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro shared his thoughts of the how far the work has come since the piece was created at January’s Instituto Coreográfico.

The theater at the Tribeca Arts Center at the Borough of Manhattan Community college is full of many memories for me. It was there that I performed my first lecture demonstration when I first joined Ballet Hispanico as a dancer and it brought back many memories of dancers, technicians and staff. Although it has now been almost two years at the helm of Ballet Hispanico, there are still those surreal feelings that only history and and unimaginable possibility can bring to all of us.

So, it was with great excitement that I sat as yo recuerdo, a new work by company member Nicholas Villeneuve, premiered yesterday at the Tribeca Arts Center and accompanied by the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. Nicholas was the last choreographer chosen to participate in the pilot year of the Instituto Coreográfico and his lab time helped him develop this new work. The orchestra’s conductor, Damon Gupton, was amazing and so accommodating to the dancers needs, in particular keeping the tempo sane! The music Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas by Astor Piazolla was the glue for the collaboration between the Orchestra of St. Luke’s and Ballet Hispanico.

The young audience was perfectly behaved and as usual were very happy to express their likes and wonder at the dancing. The work started quietly and without giving too much away Nicholas has created a world of memory, fun and humanity. There are three sections or three seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring) played by the orchestra, so Nicholas chose to develop the fourth season (Summer) in silence. That silent section works as an introduction to the world of Nicholas’ creation and instantly we were swept away by swooping limbs and elegant lifts with touches of gestural material that gave a nod to each of the seasons. The dancers relate to each other and their interpretation leads us through this world of passion while their technical lyricism astonish more than just the 8 year-olds in the audience.

As always I am thrilled by how the Ballet Hispanico dancers mold themselves into every situation and every choreographer. I wish I could share this performance with everyone, but these performances are dedicated for the students who participate in the Orchestra’s outreach programs.

Stay tuned and soon we will let you know when it will be performed publicly!

Search the ‘Instituto Coreográfico’ tag on our blog to find more entries and videos about the artistic process!

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