NORDC/NOBA Center For Dance Summer Intensive

Company Dancers Nicholas Villeneuve, Rodney Hamilton and Vanessa Valecillos are in New Orleans this week for the NORDC/NOBA Center For Dance Summer Intensive. Nick took a minute out of a very busy schedule to let us know how it’s going:

Greeting from a humid and steamy Nawlins!

Day three and Ballet Hispanico has taken NOBA by storm teaching technique class and leading choreography workshops in preparation for the student presentation on July 29th. No matter where we’ve been dropped these three members are tearin’ up some floor sharing roots, rhythms and lots of laughter. The city reflects a warm southern comfort with a tad bit of suspense due to its Voodoo history. Charming to say the least, intriguing at the most! It’s been a whirlwind of taking class with Christina Johnson and creating with the students, not really knowing what to expect… we have been pleasantly greeted with a body of eager, talented and cheerful students. Both pieces of choreography by Rodney Hamilton and myself are almost complete after just a short three days. Assuming we keep the attention and the stones rolling, we anticipate being finished with everything by Friday the 22nd allowing for cleaning and tweaking all of next week before tech. Vanessa Valecillos has been feverishly assisting in the choreographic process and is stellar with her ballet classes, not only teaching on barre but giving basic center work. The dancers have been dedicated, disciplined and completely engaged by Ballet Hispanico’s need to share “Espiritu Vivo”, Ronald K. Brown’s exploration of African movement that was recently choreographed for the professional company. Undulating hips, rippling backs and bare feet pound the floor everyday as we process and continue to develop and heat up N.O. even more. We have no doubt that we will continue to have a fantastic experience and the product will reveal that both students and teachers will be leaving with lots accomplished and a feeling of unity.
We have attached a few photos from the week for you to see the love for the art form being shared… ENJOY!
~ Nicholas

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