First Pointe Shoe Fitting!

Ballet Hispanico School of Dance Administrator Jessica Prohias recently accompanied the students in our Pre-Professional Level 3B class to their first pointe shoe fitting EVER! Read on for details and pictures of the day that every ballerina-in-training dreams of…

It was an exciting day on Saturday, October 29, 2011. Despite the cold and snow (only the fourth time to snow in New York in October), our Level 3B students trekked over to the Capezio store on 51st and Broadway to be fitted for their first pair of pointe shoes! Caridad Martinez (BH’s Pre-Professional Coordinator) and I decided to make this a group fitting, as a first pair of pointe shoes is a huge deal for a developing dancer. As a milestone in our dancers’ young lives, please see both parents and student’s experiences of the day below:

“My first day going on pointe was….. AMAZING! Honestly, if you really try hard in ballet, when you actually go on pointe, it will be a breeze. Of course, wearing the pointe shoes felt odd at first, but then it got easier. Plus, it was REALLY EXCITING! At first, I sort of felt like a duck, I admit that. I felt like I was flopping around in big pink clown shoes. But then later I felt comfortable, and it was a really fun experience.”

-Elizabeth Weinstein

“My experience getting pointe shoes was exciting and a day I will never forget…especially because of the snow!”

-Isabella Davila

“I always watched the older classes go on pointe from when I was two until last year and when I got my pointe shoes, I was thrilled!”

-Genevieve Whaller-Whelan

“My first experience on pointe was really cool and fun. I like how most of the people in the class came together to get fit for a milestone in our life.”

-Georgia Dahill-Fuchel

“It was really exciting and fun.”

-Alma Press

“The first time I got my pointe shoes, it was snowing in October! I was really hyper and excited to get them because they were my firs ones and something I have been working hard for. I love all the exercises that I do in pointe class.”

-Natasha Lora

“Being at Capezio was a true dance community experience, as have all interactions within BH. Our daughter is now a truly skilled and genuine young dancer, supported by her peers, teachers, and the capable administration of Ballet Hispanico.”

-Rachel Dahill-Fuchel, mother of Georgia Dahill-Fuchel

“It was incredible to be part of this huge step of for the Level 3B classmates. The joy these young ladies found in entering the next phase of their training was an inspiration.”

-Alexandra Gonzalez and Jeremiah Bischoff, parents to Isabella Davila

“My first experience on pointe will be one I’ll never forget. The first time I tried them on I felt like I could float in the air I felt as light as a feather. The first pointe class was fun. After a few exercises my feet startes to hurt and I was happy to be on them, I just wasn’t looking forward to the pain, but I would knew it would go away.”

-Katrina Meyer

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