Instituto Coreográfico 2012

It has been a busy week here at the Ballet Hispanico studios! On Monday, June 4 we kicked off what promises to be another fantástico Instituto Coreográfico. BH has been buzzing with creative energy.

The Instituto Coreografíco provides emerging choreographers a professional and
supportive environment in which to explore their heritage through the creation of Dance.
That support includes: 60 hours of studio time working with the Ballet Hispanico
Company dancers; an appointed mentor with whom to discuss the art making process;
access to resources at New York University through the Center for Latin American and
Caribbean Studies; sharing the work for constructive feedback from leaders in the dance field; video footage of the rehearsal process; a work sample on DVD; and a stipend.

This year, we are pleased to be with working some extremely promising artists. Our choreographers are Abdul Latif, from New York City, and Rosie Herrera, from Miami. The participating filmmakers are Andres Aria and William Atwater. It has only been four days, but with the support of their mentors Martha Clarke, Lourdes Lopez, Dudley Williams and Gerrit Vooren, these artists are already producing spectacular works. Next week, the choreographers will present their pieces–performed by our BH Company dancers–for a panel of experienced professionals: Richard Chen See, Francesca Harper and Risa Steinberg.

We are so excited to see how everyone’s projects will unfold. Be sure to stay-tuned here for reflections from the artists and more behind-the-scenes information!

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Photo Credit: Joshua Preston

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