Choreographer Profile: Edwaard Liang

This weekend, Ballet Hispanico will be presenting the world premiere of A Verme, a duet by world famous choreographer Edwaard Liang, at Fire Island Dance Festival 18. This work is Mr. Liang’s first piece for Ballet Hispanico, and we could not be more thrilled!

He has been in the studios over the last few months creating and rehearsing the piece with our Company dancers. We caught up with him during lunch to learn about his career, his creative process and this new duet.

A Verme or “Into Me See,” a duet set to the lush music of Ezio Bosso, explores the concept of intimacy and the push and pull of energy that connects two individuals. The piece follows the tension and release of a timeless attraction between two lovers outside of time and space.

When Mr. Liang first came in May, he began choreographing on the spot. He explained that while he may have a concept for a piece in mind, he does not plan the movement ahead of time. Instead, he works with the bodies and contours of the dancers themselves to find inspiration and use their strengths.

Mr. Liang had nothing but kind words about our Ballet Hispanico dancers. “They’re so freaking nice!” he exclaimed at one point. Because of his choreographing style, dancers need to be flexible, open-minded and ready to work. Our dancers met that challenge as they gave their all during the long 6+ hour rehearsal days.

Although Mr. Liang has traveled the world and frequently works internationally, he calls New York his home base. He first moved to the city 22 years ago and still finds it so comforting every time he returns home. He particularly enjoyed his work with Ballet Hispanico because he felt comfortable working from home.

Mr. Liang will be at the Fire Island Dance Festival this weekend, but it won’t be long before he jets off to work in China, Australia, Houston, San Francisco and Germany. With such a busy schedule, we asked him if he ever slept. His response? “I don’t really stop working because I don’t want to.”

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out A Verme at the Fire Island Dance Festival this weekend! For event information and to purchase tickets (proceeds support Dancers Responding to AIDS), visit the DRA’s website. Stay up-to-date with Mr. Liang by checking out his website.

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(c) Josh Preston

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