A vueltas con los ochenta

Do you remember the 1980s? Even if you weren’t alive then, you’re certainly all too familiar with the big hair, the rock and roll, and the neon jumpsuits. Well, the United States wasn’t the only country whose culture underwent a dramatic change during this decade.

With the latest work from choreographers Inma García and Meritxell Barberá, Ballet Hispanico will be paying tribute to the culturally revolutionary 1980s in Spain. At the beginning of that decade, Spain had just emerged from a 40 year long dictatorship under Francisco Franco and was eager for an artistic renaissance.

Spanish choreographers García and Barberá created A vueltas con los ochenta (“Turning Eighties”) to recreate the sights and sounds of the cultural revolution in 1980s Madrid known as “La Movida.” During that decade, Madrid emerged as the symbol of liberty, creativity, rebellion and fun in Spain. Spanish youth led the counterculture revolution as they challenged traditions, exploring new ways of expression and art.

“La Movida” transformed all aspects of Spanish culture, from art, dance, and music to theater, film, and fashion. Famous cinematographer Pedro Almodóvar began his work during this period, beginning Spain’s trajectory toward its position as a worldwide leader in  film. International trends, like pop and punk music, influenced the movement, but Spain certainly created its own unique art.

A vueltas con los ochenta celebrates this period of freedom, exploration, invention and rebellion. With a unique soundtrack mixed by the Spanish musician Quicio and García and Barberá’s inventive contemporary choreography, the piece evokes the sensations of a period whose influence continues to reinvent the present.

So if this homage to the 1980s sounds more appealing to you than another KISS tribute band, you catch this piece in preview during Ballet Hispanico’s national tour. Check out our performance calendar for more information!

In the meantime, check out our Facebook for exclusive behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage of the new work taken by Laura Dimon, daughter of board member Judy Dimon.

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