Meet the Dancer: Ashley Anduiza

The Ballet Hispánico Company welcomed Ashley Anduiza onboard for the 16-17 season with open arms. BH fans might recognize Ashley as a previous member of second company BHdos, where she wowed school and community audiences throughout the city as part of our educational programming. It’s been a thrill to watch Ashley grow to the mainstage–get to know more about her below!

Ashley Anduiza

Ashley Anduiza (c) Mario Ismael Espinoza

Name: Ashley Marie Anduiza

Age: 24

Hometown: Miami, FL

How long you’ve been living in NYC: 1 year

What’s your favorite food? Mexican cuisine

When you’re not dancing, you are…

Reading, cooking, and spending time with my family. I love being home!

Your reaction when you heard you got into the company?

I kind of just sat there with a smile smacked onto my face and absolutely no thoughts circulating in my head. It took a second to hit me but when it did, all of my thanks and praise went to God. I have never felt more rewarded.

In one word, what does ‘dance’ mean to you? Union


Ashley Anduiza in DANZÓN (c) Paula Lobo

Ballet Hispánico has a unique cultural lens as an artistic organization–why did that appeal to you as a dancer?

My father is Cuban and I grew up in Miami in a household that practiced multiple Cuban traditions. Whether we were dancing salsa in the living room, cooking arroz con frijoles, or driving to the beach singing along to Spanish radio stations, this environment provided for me a strong sense of family, unity, pride, and comfort. Not only did I feel this same atmosphere during my time with BHdos, but I have witnessed and experienced that Ballet Hispánico, as an organization, approaches its mission with all of these qualities, making a truly authentic representation of Latino culture through dance today.

Moment you knew you wanted to be a professional dancer?

When I was at New World School of the Arts, I performed a neoclassical ballet by Gerard Ebitz. Up till then, it was probably one of the more daring pieces of choreography I had done. There was a moment onstage when I was briefly dancing alone and I felt myself become different from the inside out. The best way I can explain it is that I felt immersed and involved in every part of the environment; the movement, the music, the audience, the dancers around me, the lights, the stage, and the character. It made sense to me and I knew that this wholesome feeling would drive me through the hardest times I would encounter in my career, but fulfill me in inexplicable ways.

“From the first day of my first season with BHdos where I was warmly introduced to and welcomed by the members of Ballet Hispánico, I knew that the environment of this company and organization was different.”

What company repertory piece have you always wanted to learn/are you looking forward to learning? 

I can’t wait to learn El Beso by Gustavo Ramirez Sansano! I love the athleticism of the movement coupled with the theatrical quirks.

You’ve spent a little time with the company dancers already–how would you describe their dynamic both on and off the stage?

From the first day of my first season with BHdos where I was warmly introduced to and welcomed by the members of Ballet Hispánico, I knew that the environment of this company and organization was different. Working in the studio and sharing the stage with them was ALWAYS positive and encouraging. Ballet Hispánico was where I truly started to believe in myself–the Company members are responsible for a huge part of that for me.

Thanks for the love Ashley–and right back at you! Catch Ashley and the rest of the Company on stage during our NY Season at the Joyce Theater, April 18-23! Tickets and details:


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