Kim: Summer of firsts

I had a couple of firsts this summer! I went to my first Beyonce/Jay Z concert, the “On the Run Tour” which was so inspiring to see. The way she commanded the stage and brought her audience into her world with her energy, commitment, and confidence was a beautiful thing to see and experience as a performer myself. She’s one of my biggest inspirations!


I also spent some time in Florida in Miami and Naples. I went jet skiing in the gulf and had my first parasailing experience! I had so much fun, and was surprisingly at ease way up in the sky–I felt like a bird soaring, just overlooking the beautiful ocean and beaches. I even saw dolphins right after I said, “I wish we saw some dolphins while we’re up here!” The scariest part for me was not being hundreds of feet up in the air, but when we were coming down and they tried dunking us in the water. I’m deathly afraid of sharks! I refused to let my feet and legs in the water! This picture pretty much says it all:


All in all, it was one the best summers I’ve ever had, full of fun in the sun and love.

-Kimberly Van Woesik

One Comment on “Kim: Summer of firsts”

  1. Ruth Tellez says:

    You enticed Don Jose like a siren in last night’s performance at the Apollo…beautiful, mesmerizing performance. Brava to you and the company. I loved it! Ruth (Marcos’ friend)

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