Melissa: Rest and recovery

Melissa and mom!This summer was definitely a unique one because it taught me various lessons–the most important being about patience and perseverance. Back in June I had to end my second season with Ballet Hispanico earlier than I had hoped because I needed surgery to remove an incredibly large and painful cyst that was next to my flexor hallucis longus (FHL) and was hindering my ability to perform. Immediately after surgery I was blessed to have my mother’s company in NYC to aid me post surgery, which proved to be a challenging first several weeks both physically and emotionally. The upside was that I was able to share many beautiful moments with my mom and was able to enjoy some of the summer treasures that only NYC can offer. Conquering NYC on crutches


I spent the seven weeks after surgery completely engulfed in the recovery process. I went to physical therapy (PT) three to four times a week and when I wasn’t in PT I was doing any other form of exercise I could. It was tempting to overdo it and frustrating to accept that I had to overcome the initial pain of PT while retraining muscles that had once been so capable and strong. Patience! That word rang in my mind and was said to me all summer long.

Finally I finished my prescribed seven weeks of PT and was able to fly home to Miami to spend precious time with my family and friends. The best part of being home was being able to submerge myself in the healing waters of the ocean and to finally take a an entire ballet class, grand allegro and all! The elation I felt after that first class was incredible and very poignant because it showed me that I am in deed resilient and blessed to have so many loved ones supporting me as I recovered from a small speed bump on the road of life.

Miami beach

-Melissa Fernandez

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