Meet the Dancer: Nathaniel Hunt

Another new addition to the Company’s 16-17 season has been Company dancer Nathaniel Hunt! Get to know more about Nate below, including his journey of being accepted into the Ballet Hispánico familia, and even how he likes his eggs:

Nathaniel Hunt

Nathaniel Hunt (c) Mario Ismael Espinoza

Name: Nathaniel Hunt

Age: 25

Hometown: Glen Burnie, MD

How long you’ve been living in NYC: 7 years

What’s your favorite food?  

I love breakfast food. That is my favorite meal of the day for sure. My breakfast is always loaded! I love my eggs with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken sausage, cheddar cheese, and toast!

When you’re not dancing, you are…

When I am not dancing, I either do a lot or nothing at all. I either fill my days up or leave them completely open. I love going to the gym or doing yoga. It’s my me time where I can zone out the world and connect with my body. On the other hand, I love having home days of rejuvenating, aka doing nothing! That would consist of sleeping in, eating breakfast in my PJs, playing video games, or watching movies. So I love the balance of both extremes.

Your reaction when you heard you got into the Company?

I think I said, “Umm..what?” I was not prepared for that AT ALL!! I missed the first day of the audition because I was on tour with Ailey II but I was fortunate to be allowed to come to the call back. I just wanted to dance and show Ballet Hispánico how much I love dancing and that I have something special and different to offer. No expectations, just sharing. I was completely surprised that they wanted me to join them and then felt an immense amount of gratitude.

In one word, what does ‘dance’ mean to you? Connection

Moment you knew you wanted to be a professional dancer?

I don’t know if there was an exact moment –I remember having the feeling that dance gave me, this all-encompassing connection. When I dance, I connect with my spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental self. Once I was mature enough to fully understand and feel that, that was the moment that I knew that dance was something that I could not live without. It is the one thing that I have found to fully express my whole being.

“The Company is a family. They look out for everyone both on and off stage.”

What Company repertory piece are you looking forward to learning? 

I am looking forward to learning and performing El Beso. Gustavo’s choreography is full and luscious but also fast and precise. For being a tall dancer, it is a challenge to move my body swiftly through space. So I’m anxious but excited to learn El Beso because I know it will be a great challenge for me. There will be a much more satisfying joy after I have performed it because of the intensity, vigor, and athleticism of the piece.


Nathaniel Hunt and Zui Gomez with a young fan after an En Familia performance (c) The United Palace

You’ve spent a lot of time with the Company dancers already–how would you describe their dynamic both on and off the stage?

The Company is a family. They look out for everyone both on and off stage. They really do care about the growth of your dancing both artistically and technically. Everyone is learning from everyone, whether that is a piece of material from a rep or a combination in class. It is a supportive, honest, and open group of loving artists all trying to lift one another up.

Catch Nate and the rest of the Company on stage during our NY Season at the Joyce Theater, April 18-23! Tickets and details: