Dance Into Fashion with Our Company This Thursday!

Tomorrow night the Junior Society of Ballet Hispanico–our youngest group of supporters ages 21-35–will throw its 3rd annual Dance into Fashion benefit! A celebration of fashion and dance, the event will showcase the creations of Rebecca Taylor clothing and Pamela Love jewelry in a dazzling performance by the Ballet Hispanico Company.

Two days before the performance, Diana Ruetigger, BH’s Wardrobe Supervisor, and Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro gathered up the Company dancers and matched them with the refined and whimsical clothing and jewelry. Take a look behind the scenes (pics below) to see them in action! For more than just a glimpse, be sure to purchase your ticket and save us a dance.

To gain a greater understanding of how dance intertwines with fashion, we interviewed Rebecca Taylor and Pamela Love’s fashion team, as well as Company dancer Lauren Alzamora.

Rebecca Taylor’s fashion team

What style does Rebecca Taylor’s clothing portray? How does this style match with the art of dance?

Rebecca Taylor’s clothing combines a playful use of color, prints and textures with classic silhouettes and has signature embellishments that make each piece feel special. Rebecca’s modern aesthetic allows the customer to express themselves through their style, similar to how ballet allows dancers to express themselves through performances.

Did Rebecca Taylor’s background as a dancer have any influence in the clothing?

Definitely! Rebecca has always loved the ballet and it has been a source of inspiration since she was an aspiring designer. Ballet is beautiful and ethereal, and the influence of dance can be seen in the fit and movement of the pieces in each collection.

How does Rebecca Taylor’s brand match with Ballet Hispanico?

Rebecca Taylor and Ballet Hispanico both celebrate individuality by allowing people to express their own personal style.

Pamela Love’s fashion team

What style does Pamela Love’s jewelry portray?

Her collections, like Love herself, blend mystery with romance, reminiscent of stores both whimsical and dark.

Who inspires Pamela Love?

Pamela Love draws her inspiration from many of her favorite artists, including Joseph Cornell, Lee Bontecou, Hieronymous Bosch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Francesco Clemente. Her creativity is further fueled by her passion for nature and science, as well as astronomy, astrology, religion, magic and folk jewelry.

Company dancer Lauren Alzamora

What is your favorite clothing/jewelry article from this performance?

The giant ring I’ll get to wear!

How do you feel Rebecca Taylor’s clothing and Pamela Love’s jewelry represent the dance?

Since the performance is going to be a tango, the jewelry is bold, strong and heavy, qualities that will be exhibited during the dance. The clothing is elaborate but sophisticated, both qualities we want to bring into the dance.