Hispanic Heritage Month Continues

Ballet Hispanico has been in full swing celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! We kicked it off with a free performance for public school children at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in Queens. The second company BHdos has been busy performing all over New York City, including the ¡Fiesta! celebration at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

As we continue our celebration, we bring you more stories from the Ballet Hispanico Company dancers!

Lauren Alzamora: “My father was born in Ecuador, but my siblings and I were not raised speaking Spanish in the home.  Through the eclectic repertoire at BH I am able to explore the Latina side of my heritage as it relates to the many facets of Hispanic culture worldwide – I get to give that side of me a voice, so to speak.  Not to mention, I have an opportunity each day to steadily improve my Spanish language skills!”

Melissa Fernandez: “As the daughter of Cuban parents, it’s always been important in our family to embrace and remember the traditions and customs of our culture. As a Cuban-American dancer, I feel great joy and pride in having the opportunity to express myself as a strong and creative Latin woman within such a culturally diverse company as Ballet Hispanico.”

Jamal Rashann Callender: Ballet Hispanico’s diversity is very radiant, and still growing. The Company is thrilling, exciting, and on the verge of anew. I recently learned I have family from Cuba! ¡Eso es!”

Jessica Alejandra Wyatt: “Ballet Hispanico has become a wonderful home for me because it gives me the opportunity to combine the expression of my beloved art form along with the Hispanic culture I am proud to be a part of.”

Mario Espinoza: “I was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, so I spent my childhood influenced by Latino music and dance.  After moving to the United States at the age of 17, I refined my technical ballet jazz and modern training, while holding tight to my Mexican roots.  Now a dynamic dancer who fuses the pulse of his Latino heritage with the technique of ballet, I flourish in the dance environment that Ballet Hispanico provides.”